K-Lite Codec Pack 10.3.5 (Full)

K-Lite Codec Pack Full is a collection of audio and video codecs that are needed for the reproduction and creation of modern audio and video formats. Inside of it are all up to date versions of DirectShow filters, VFW/ACM codecs, and tools that are configured to be installed in simple user-friendly way and integrated into any media tool that you use on your PC. If you want to play all the popular audio and video formats, K-Lite Codec Pack is just what you need.

Simply install K-Lite Codec Pack, and all the most needed and popular codecs will be installed and integrated into your Windows OS, enabling users of all knowledge levels to instantly start reproducing all their video content with ease. Codecs that are part of this package can also be used for video editing process, especially for video editors that are requiring the help of external codecs (like popular open source software VirtuaDub).

K-Lite Codec Pack comes in 4 variations, with here present Full version being the most popular and achieving best balance between supporting novice and professional users. It supports playback of all (lossless) audio formats and all popular video formats that anyone who is using their PC for media center capabilities. It contains VFW/ACM codecs that can be used for encoding. It has playback support for a few legacy audio and video formats.

Even though this Full version of the pack is missing just few components that are part of “Mega” collection, it is still highly capable to serve all the needs of the professional users.

The K-Lite Codec Pack Full has a couple of major advantages compared to other codec packs:

  • It is updated frequently. So it is always up-to-date with the newest and best components.
  • All components have been carefully selected for specific purposes. It is not just a random bunch of stuff thrown together.
  • Components are automatically configured to work together in perfect harmony.
  • It is very user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Works great with Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center. But also with all other DirectShow players, such as Media Player Classic, BSPlayer,KMPlayerVLC Media Player and others.
  • The installation is fully customizable, meaning that you are able to install just those components that you really want.
  • The pack has many options, which allows you to tweak it to your own specific needs and preferences.
  • Uninstallation removes everything that was installed by the pack. Including all registry keys. All changes are properly undone.
  • It is extremely easy to make a fully customized unattended installation with the integrated wizard.
  • It does not contain any codecs or filters that are known to be bad, buggy or unstable. In fact, the installer is able to detect and disable several known troublemakers.
  • It tries to avoid potential conflicts with other codecs installed on your computer. The installer is able to detect and remove over 100 different codec and filter packs.
  • The installer is able to detect broken codecs and filters on your system, and helps you to fix those problems.
  • It is a very complete package, containing everything you need to play your movies.
  • The pack has options to activate thumbnail generation in Windows Explorer for several popular video file formats, which are by default not thumbnailed in Explorer.
  • The pack automatically configures Windows Media Center to recognize all common audio and video file formats, so that such files show up in your media library.
  • This pack has a huge user base. This means that problems are found and resolved quickly.
  • There are different variants of the pack. From very small to large.
  • The pack is suitable for both novice and expert users.

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K-Lite Codec Pack 10.3.5 (Full)

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